Frog Togs to keep you dry


It's finally drying out in California, but that doesn't mean the rest of you aren't having to deal with the wet stuff.

While some riders like the idea of wearing a full on rain suit, we prefer the ability to strip back to regular riding gear once the rain clears. So our rain gear of choice is the Frog Toggs Ultra-Lite II. For $24.95 this breathable, waterproof and ultralight set includes a jacket with hood and pants that will keep you dry as three-day old toast in a bad cafe.

What makes it even more worth recommending is the two-pieces pack down to a compressible pocket size making it easy to stuff in a side bag or luggage without taking up much room. Get it wet and just hang it to dry.

You can spend another $25.00 for the All Sport Rain Suit, but unless you plan on doing a lot of riding in the rain, the Ultra-Lite II should do the trick.

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Good idea


$25 for the whole set? Seems like a deal! I'll be interested to see how long they hold up in the Pacific Northwest.


Wow these are a must-have for riders in the Pacific Northwest