Ducati Hypermotard Whiteout

Hypermotard 939: Fun doesn't need a destination
Hypermotard 939: Fun doesn't need a destination

Powered by the new Testastretta 11° 113 hp engine and with Riding Mode technology, Power Modes and the Ducati Safety Pack with ABS and Traction Control, the ...


When manufacturers announce new model year bikes where the only change is a color scheme, we cringe. But there's something about new livery on a Ducati that makes us sit up and take notice. The Ducati 2018 Hypermotard 939 is no exception.

With the majority of big pieces caked in white with red dripping off of the rims and frame, the 939 looks like a big piece of candy on two wheels -- a really fast piece of candy at that. That Testastretta engine pumps out a claimed 110 horsepower and 70 ft. lbs of torque on a bike that weighs a very svelte 400 lbs. The even sportier 939 SP comes in at about 8 lbs lighter, meaning an even faster sugar high.

No indication as to what either model will cost, but current 2017s are going for around $13k and $16k respectively. Stay tuned.