Ducati Diavel Diesel

How do you say "Holy Crap" in Italian!?

Ducati isn't known for shyness. In fact, if there was a dictionary heading for 'bold motorcycle design,' Ducati would be at the top of that listing. Its recent collaboration with Diesel (the jeans and apparel company) is a perfect example of how Italian designers can take what was already something pretty damn interesting and make it even better.

Think of the Diavel Diesel as a sort of Italian steampunk variation of Ducati's hot rod roadster. Exposed rivets at the gas tank, real leather seat, and a brushed metal finish that flies in the face of the traditional high gloss red, white and black livery found on most of Ducati's bikes (sans the Scrambler).

Ducati is billing this as one of the fastest production bikes made. With over 150 claimed horsepower and over 90 ft. lbs. of torque, we'll take their word for it. Ride-by-wire technology, Brembo brakes, and multiple rider modes help keep this beast under control.

But this kind of high moto design doesn't come cheap. Try a price tag of nearly USD$26,000. For that you'll get a rolling work of art that will go like an Italian bat out of Hades.

Here's a video and some more pics to give you sense of the Diavel Diesel.

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