Asphalt & Dirt - Life on Two Wheels


Back in 2014, I set out to create a site that would capture the stories of the people who had one thing in common...a passion for motorcycles. Some are famous in the motorcycle world -- like Mark Wilsmore who resurrected the Ace Cafe in London but spent most of his life as a horsemounted cop in London. Others are famous by circumstance -- like Gard Hollinger, custom bike builder and now business partner with Keanu Reeves of Arch Motorcycle. Most are adventure riders, former racers, current builders, and every day people from around the US, Canada, the UK and even a woman in New Zealand who prefers to ride pillion than pilot a bike on her own.

Several people have reviewed or written about it already including Chris Cope at Ride Apart , Jason Fogelson at Forbes, RoadRUNNER magazine , Eric Leaverton of Total Motorcycle , and Frank Esposito, CEO of Scorpion. Bikers and non-bikers alike are now buying, ranking and reviewing the book on Amazon. You can also find it at Road Dog Publications and Barnes & Noble.

It's a great read for anyone who likes adventure, inspiration, and good stories about interesting people.