Asphalt & Dirt Gets Total Motorcycle Editor's Choice Award


It's not easy to write a book, and Asphalt & Dirt - Life on Two Wheels is no exception. Two years of interviewing over 50 different adventure riders, builders, racers, and everyday people who all share a passion for motorcycles.

But getting people to read a book, and getting reviewers to do so and write about is probably even harder. That's why we were thrilled to have Total Motorcycle take the time to review Asphalt & Dirt. Not only did they give it a positive take, but they also gave it their Editor's Choice award.

This review joins a list of others that keep piling up. Those include Jason Fogelson at Forbes , RoadRunner , and Frank Esposito at Scorpion.

Not too early to start thinking about holiday gifts. Add Asphalt & Dirt - Life on Two Wheels to your list!