Arch Motorcycle Reveals New Models at EICMA


The motorcycles made by Arch Motorcycle - founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger - may not be for everyone. Their high 5-figure price tag helps filter out the wannabe owners. But, man oh man, won't someone take a hint from what they do with these bikes and put even a smattering of technology and design into one. Harley and Polaris, are you listening?!

Let's start with the original model, the KRGT-1. Here are some details for the bike that will be available in 2018.

· 124 Cubic Inch, 2032cc American V-Twin engine

· Steel frame with CNC machined aluminum sub-frame

· New Ohlins FGRT series fork and ARCH proprietary rear shock

· BST Carbon Fiber 5 spoke wheels

· Forward control / Mid Control options available

· Custom fit and finish per client

Okay, nothing earth shattering here, other than the probable exhaust note from the V-twin. But take a look at the pictures and you'll see this is a fire breathing standard! The simplicity of the design and the cleanliness of the silhouette show what's possible and, arguably, what the Italian builders have been doing for decades.

Let's move on to the new models, starting with the Arch 1S. This is the company's first production motorcycle featuring a single-sided swingarm motorcycle. You can see from the pictures that follow a more sport influenced design, which means a more aggressive riding position. Here are some of the specs:

· 124 Cubic Inch, 2032cc American V-Twin engine

· CNC Machined aluminum back-bone and sub-frame

· Newly designed CNC machined aluminum and carbon fiber fuel tank with integrated fuel filler enclosure

· Carbon fiber 7 spoke BST wheels

· ABS Optional – Euro 4 compliant

Finally, there's the Arch Method, the company's first concept bike. Although, for all intents and purposes, that's what the original KRGT-1 was. Here are some of the specs they're sharing to date. Only 23 will be made, so you better get your deposit in now!

· 143 Cubic Inch , 2,343cc Engine

· Arch Designed, Suter Industries Manufactured CNC Machined single-sided swingarm with Carbon Fiber cover.

· CNC Machined Bodywork with integrated layered leather seat

· Arch designed mobile phone dash display

· Proprietary Ohlins FGRT series front fork with Carbon Fiber Air-Foil

· Moto Gp inspired, Full Titanium / Carbon Fiber exhaust system

· Arch designed BST Carbon Fiber Turbine Wheels

· Proprietary headlight design