A German-made Breakout


The world of customs continues to defy both expectations and definition. Gone are the days where you either had a one-off build, or you just hoped there were enough after-market parts to make your bike look different enough to stand out from the crowd. With the recent announcement by Harley that they Dyna line-up was gone and replaced by a completely redesigned set of Softail models, it was only a matter of time before a dealer would take up one or more of these approaches. Thunderbike of Germany appears to be one of the first with this fantastic looking take on the Harley-Davidson Breakout.

You may notice that wheels and engine haven't changed, but some bolt on parts from Harley's catalog, and some custom parts from Thunderbike make this a pseudo-custom. They stretched the tank, put a fat tire on the back, and changed out the turn signals, pegs, and risers.

The result is a cool looking bike with just enough customization to make it standout from the off-the-truck version.