The Lowdown on Asphalt & Dirt

Asphalt & Dirt is a motorcycle lifestyle magazine that celebrates the people who ride, build and make motorcycles their passion. Launched in 2014, it was created to be the antithesis of the typical motorcycle only, ‘babes in bikinis’ fare that has dominated the landscape for decades.

Rather than focus just on bikes, gear and the occasional builder and racer, Asphalt & Dirt was created with a singular purpose - put the rider first. Tell stories about the people who share a passion for two wheels – the adventure riders, custom builders, former and current racers, industry veterans, and everyday riders with interesting stories to tell. Asphalt & Dirt is making sure those stories live on.

Top it off with insights into new and old motorcycles, great routes and dirt trails, gear for the rider and their bikes, tips for gearheads and tinkerers, industry news, and a special WTF section for bikes that defy description. There’s literally something for everyone who rides, knows someone who does, or maybe just likes to read about motorcycles and where they can take you.

Check out Asphalt & Dirt and come along for the ride.

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